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Uchiha Sasuke
The Forgotten Journal 
28th-Apr-2006 01:07 am
Uchiha Sasuke's small journal sits, pages flown open in the draft circulating the Uchiha Manor to the blank parchment of what would probably hold an entry, were it not for the fact that the small leather covered journal's owner was no where near present to scrawl quick, yet clean and legible handwriting into its inner pages.

Yes, despite belief otherwise it appears that Sasuke does not carry his journal everywhere he goes, otherwise the discarded object might have found itself instead stacked neatly beside the journal of Uzumaki Naruto in said blonde's household.

(( OOC: During my (Bellylickage's) absence, Sasuke's journal will also not update. However, since he seems to have taken up a seemingly temporary residence with his rival, Uzumaki Naruto's journal may occassionally mention of the Uchiha's escapades ))
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