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Uchiha Sasuke
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12th-Sep-2006 09:55 pm(no subject)
OOC: AHA! I have taken Sasuke's character ^^! Go me go!:OOC


Usuratonkachi decided to finally show his face. Yaaaay~ T____T

Stupid idiot. I tried to fix his computer, but no. Ack! So...much....porn....

Of course he threw it against a wall, did I mention that? No?

Well he did, and I got hit by many flying pieces of black plastic. Stupid dobe... *sigh*

We didn't do anything!
19th-Aug-2006 09:15 pm - Technology Update
So my computer's broken. Yaaay~ T__T
Quite luckily for Naruto I was in a relatively good enough mood not to rip out his entrails slowly and painfully with my fingernails charge him for the repairs, and instead just sent it (and all extra compartments/accessories destroyed -- like the keyboard) up to the local Konoha Repairs Shop (which, funnily enough, I discovered is a sub-business branching off from the local Konoha Mart... hm). It may take anywhere from Two Weeks to Two Months for full repairs.

Obviously, I wasn't going to potentially wait even two weeks so I went and purchased a laptop, and spent several hours this afternoon setting everything back up. I doubt it was worth the effortCollapse )

Private to NarutoCollapse )
12th-Aug-2006 12:29 am - Woo
[Rawr ;)]
HIYA! Naruto here. I'm using Sasuke's computer because, well--

--The usuratonkachi ruined his own--

T___T ...did not, you bastard I had a minor "accident" and--

--He broke his computer.

Shut up!
...Anyway, it should be fixed in, I dunno, at least a few hours.

So you'll be commandeering /my/ computer until then?

Uhm... No? ^___^


Am not! T__T

>__> I'm giving this 45 minutes before something horrible happens.

You don't trust me?!?! >___<;


YOU BASTARD! >__________________<;;!

FRTFPIGAR93T I4825UC GFGFGAD|JG955FI !$$^@#^& z$^)4578$%#* *CRASH!*

6th-Aug-2006 04:03 pm - :/
No, I cannot explain my absence from the Internet. I really can't make up an excuse of any social life to blame it on otherwise, either.
*grumble* not like I was missed, bitchy people T__T

Wonderous. Looks like I have catching up to do.

Catching up was an understatement.
Deidara and Neji have been exposed, baby pictures are flying around everywhere, Lee has had a 'haircut' (I'm surprised at how much justice Ino managed to do... even if it's not all that much at all in the first place :/), Shino and his tree seem to be getting more aquainted, Naruto has grown stupider (yay surprise T__T; *sarcasm*), Hinata and Sai have started a Cult/Organisation/CLUB, Hinata caught on fire, and... well, I believe I have proved my point.

Being an anti-social hermit is not healthy.
24th-Jul-2006 04:22 pm - *rubs head*
Birthdays have this horrible habit of both sneaking up on you, sinking their teeth into your kneecap and then making you feel really, really old for no aparent reason. (Vampiric damn occassion...) I had actually suceeded in forgetting my birthday until Deidara mentioned it, and later Ino, but... oh, nevermind.

...They also have a horrible habit of bringing up memories I would rather remain dead. Unpleasurable memories.

So, thankyou I suppose for the birthday wishes -- but no thankyou all the same.
18th-Jul-2006 06:58 pm - *growl*
I'm not snappy. I'm not angry. But I will be if everyone just doesn't shut the hell up.

*throws a book at someone's head and stomps out*
14th-Jul-2006 05:54 pm - .....
Deidara -- that... incident involving certain items which are not to be mentioend stays between you and I.

And whoever may have somewhat informed you that periwinkle was a nice colour lied -- it didn't match at all.
21st-Jun-2006 05:34 pm - Hmph.
Screened to NarutoCollapse )

Hmph. Nothing really special to report. Konoha's having a Festival on Friday though. That's nice. We haven't had one in a while. I'm already suffering for it dealing with the consequences that revelation has brought.

Oh well. I read that the Festival of the Dawns doesn't tend to last very long, so I can deal with it.

Off the topic of the festival: Hyuga, you know that you'll never be able to be cured from your denial simply by pawning off Nara to Deidara in an attempt to get him killed.
16th-Jun-2006 07:37 pm - Woo.
Hello Journal. ...I am so tempted to hug you right now.

Finally back. To the same old, empty mansion...
I'd like to think something truely constructive came out of my... detour/prolonged visit to Naruto's home, but I can't find one. At least we I installed a lock on his door Honestly, how did he manage, being Naruto, without one? It escapes me.

So, Updates.
One - Konoha has S-Class Missing Nin truding about the streets on their own accord now, as it appears and no-one appears to be doing anything about it/giving a damn
Two - Shikamaru is a whore
Three - Neji enjoys his whoreness, but is in denial
Four - Deidara's hand is... bulemic? o_O
Five - Gaara may or may be not the cocoon of a butterfly-man.
Six - Naruto has had his right to speak revoked until further notice.
Seven - There is no number seven
Eight - Ino is more maliciously evil and plotting then she looks
Nine - Hyuugas are apparently bleachable. Are Uchiha's bleachable?
Ten - Konoha is not only the most powerful ninja village, but also the one that seems to produce the most whore-y of individuals. No. Stop looking at me like that.

There were most likely others, but that's all that comes to mind at present.

I'm going to make sure my doors are locked. Again.
28th-Apr-2006 01:07 am - The Forgotten Journal
Uchiha Sasuke's small journal sits, pages flown open in the draft circulating the Uchiha Manor to the blank parchment of what would probably hold an entry, were it not for the fact that the small leather covered journal's owner was no where near present to scrawl quick, yet clean and legible handwriting into its inner pages.

Yes, despite belief otherwise it appears that Sasuke does not carry his journal everywhere he goes, otherwise the discarded object might have found itself instead stacked neatly beside the journal of Uzumaki Naruto in said blonde's household.

(( OOC: During my (Bellylickage's) absence, Sasuke's journal will also not update. However, since he seems to have taken up a seemingly temporary residence with his rival, Uzumaki Naruto's journal may occassionally mention of the Uchiha's escapades ))
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